をテーマに1999年 イリス・アソシエーツを発足しました。

Iris: comes from "the goddess of rainbow"
in Greek myths.

Iris Associates was established in 1999, under the theme,

“design the light not only to show but to attract the space or objects.”

Whether natural light or not, light is essential for human to get visual information,
that is, every piece of visual information coming into eyes can be said the light itself.
Light does not only bring physical clearness, but also brings a great influence
on both physiology and psychology of human.
Based on this idea, we plan and design rationality, sometimes artistically,
to create attractive lighting environment. To respond to the requests from
various aspects of society for lighting environment, we inquiry to adapt
to various spaces through wide range of element, and also pursue
a new ideal lighting environment enthusiastically.